When life gives you lemons, be difficult and make grape juice!

Not necessarily the odd one out, but never really fitting "in". This is my life and everything in it. All the love, laughter and happiness; and sometimes the sadness too. This is my journey as a fruitloop in this world full of cheerios, trying to make my mark and live every day to the fullest! (if you have to ask, I am an orange fruitloop)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey... I spelled Frootloop wrong! (Well according to the cereal box at least!)

So, clearly, I have not been so great on keeping ya'll (if there even is anyone that reads this) updated on my ever so intriguing life... and once again... so much has happened!!!

In a nutshell...
1. I am still single
2. I still love my job
3. My mom is getting MARRIED!!!
4. I attended my first bachelorette party in Vegas while single
5. I am still struggling with getting healthy
6. I found a roommate
7. I got a new phone
8. YPNG had some awesome events
9. I am still loving life!

Break it down now...

So the single life has been interesting... I sometimes feel like I don't know how to be single... I have always been fun and outgoing, but what is the difference between that and flirting? When is it appropriate to flirt? What if they don't flirt back? So many questions and really no answers! How do I know when (if) I am ready to start dating (I know, I know, it's only been 4 months... but it still runs through my head). How do I start dating? Where do I meet people? Ahhhhh.... super overwhelming.... and that is exactly how I am feeling right now.

My J O B! Love, love, love it! I am so truly blessed to have such an awesome job and such a positive environment to work in daily! I couldn't ask for anything better... I really think without this job I would be completely lost right now! MINDBODY is by far one of the BEST companies I have ever worked for! I just feel happy every day!

Yep! You heard right ladies and gents, my mom is getting MARRIED! She is so in love and so happy, which means I am happy for her! It's coming up in August and I will be headed to New York for the big day! So keep your eyes and ears peeled for a blog about that :D

Single? Bachelorette Party? Vegas? What?! Yep, yep... my first time in vegas since I have been over the age of 21, single and with a group of girls! While we didn't party as hard as I expected, we did have a great time! We went out, dressed up and laid by the pool... no crazy stories to tell... maybe next time? (Oh yes, there will be a next time!)

*Sigh*... getting healthy... per my last blog this would be my biggest struggle... and of course, it still is. I have lost a bit of weight, but nothing to write home about. I just need to get my act together... I am trying though and that counts... right? I know, trying and doing are 2 different things and you would think if I was super serious about it, I would (in the words of Nike') Just Do It! But I am strugglin' (as a friend would say, I have hopped on the struggle bus, yes they serve booze, no its not helping). So I will try and keep you updated, but I am not too proud of myself right now.

YAY for kick-ass roommates! I found a roommate (Christina) who is pretty awesome, even though we don't see each other much its for sure nice to have her around. Her man, Dan, is here pretty often too so its nice to not be alone anymore! It's interesting living with someone after living by yourself all the time, it's nice to know that someone else is here :D

NEW PHONE!!! I finally hopped into the smartphone world and got myself a fancy HTC Incredible! And its ummm... Incredible! To say the least. I love everything about it, its the perfect size for my little fingers and does everything I need it to: Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Email, IM, Pictures, Videos and phone calls! Yep that about sums up my daily internet fix!

 YPNG has definitely been keeping me occupied over the last few months! We had a HUGE (and very successful) Open House event in April, where all aspects of YPNG gathered together to let our members (and prospective members) know what we are all about! This event was held at Edna Valley Vinyards and was a great success! We had over 100 people show up and learn all there is to know about YPNG! At the end of April we had our Monte Carlo night to benefit the Children's museum and raised over $5800!!! Holy Cow! That is awesome! I have to say I love all the stuff that YPNG allows me to do and couldn't be prouder to be part of such an awesome organization!

Lastly, I am still loving life... yes, I have had my ups and downs (usually daily... cuz I'm a girl) and yes, I am holding on for dear life while riding that struggle bus... BUT I am HAPPY! Which, if you remember from my last post, was my #1 goal! I have awesome friends that keep me going and lift me up when I am down. And friends, if you are reading this, thank you for being you! Thanks for being so awesome and for always being there when I need you! I hope that you know I will always be there for you!

On that note, I should probably stop blabbering on and save some for the next post!

Have a fabulous day!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Live, Laugh, Love, Learn!

So again it's been a while and so much has happened! The biggest event (other than my new job) would be that I am now S I N G L E! Yep, it's true... no wedding ring for me! Just an empty room and a cracked heart! But life will go on....

It's funny when you give up so much, sometimes you don't even realize it until you're not giving it up anymore. I realized a lot of things about my life through this break-up (and its only been a few weeks!). I am a VERY outgoing person and anyone who can't let me be that person, isn't the right person for me. I really don't have any hate towards David, I was (am) just more hurt than anything else. There was a lot of thing wrong with our relationship, so I am glad he stepped up when he did, but so many things could have been done differently and THAT is where I learned my lesson. I am definately excited for the single life (never thought I would hear myself say that) and for the next few steps in my life.

1. Continue to work hard and excel in my job
2. Get healthy! Eat healthier and exercise (this is going to be the hardest one for me)
3. BE HAPPY (above all this is my main goal!) I will strive to be happy daily and do what makes me happy before trying to make anyone else happy.
4. Find myself!

I have partied it up the last few weekends with good friends and lots of booze, but February starts my 4 step program! I will keep ya'll updated and hopefully you will see a healthier, happier, more confident and successful Jenna in the months to come!

Talk to you soon
Jenna Rae

Monday, November 8, 2010

I got the job!

On the morning of Tuesday, November 2nd, I got a phone call from Minbody and here is how that went!

Me: "Hello"
Mindbody: "Hi, may I please speak with Jenna?"
Me: "Yes, this is her."
Mindbody: "Hi Jenna, this is **** from Mindbody, I was just calling to congratulate you. We are offering you the job as Merchant Account...
Me: "REALLY!!!!!" (high pitched squeal)
Mindbody: "Yes! We will be sending you an official letter later today or tomorrow, but I wanted to be the first to let you know!"
Me: "Thank you so, so much! I am so excited! I look forward to the email"
Mindbody: "I look forward to working you, have a great day!"
Me: "You as well!"

That was one of the best phone calls I have ever received in my life! Poor guy, I probably burst his ear drum with my high pitch "Really!!!".

I got my "official" letter on Wednesday morning, which informed me of my start date (Tuesday the 9th), my pay, benefits etc and also had my background check form. I promptly signed everything and got it turned in and I look forward to starting my NEW JOB, tomorrow!

How did I land a job at the company that was at the top of my "Company's I want to work for" list? Be watching for another post on what I did to get through unemployment and land a job at my dream company.

Ta ta for now! Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's the Big 2-5 and...

I was totally not ready to hit that milestone!I turned 25 years old on the 3rd. I would have never imagined at the age of 25 I would be unemployed, my family would all be moving to different states and I would be here... alone... with nothing. Well, I can't say nothing...because I do have my amazing boyfriend and awesome friends... but my family is a HUGE part of my life and sometimes it does feel like I have nothing without them.

I did have a great birthday though, friends and family came over on Friday night for appetizers, drinks and games. On Saturday I went to my first ever baseball game at the Dodgers Stadium. It was a blast thanks to a family friend who gave us tickets, a parking pass and a pass for free food! On Sunday, we went to the Santa Anita Shopping Center in Arcadia where I got to go shopping, have lunch at the Cheesecake factory (David's first time!) and then went to Dave and Busters for the first time. I really had an amazing weekend!

But now that my weekend is over, reality is setting in... For those of you who know me, you know that I am a pretty optimistic person, sometimes I can be considered too happy. When I was younger my mom tells me that it was almost like I lived in my own little world, where everyone was happy and got along! Why can't I go back there? LOL

Anywho, back to reality. This week has been a tough one... my dad's stuff got pushed to November 15th, my mom moved to her temporary place at my grandmas until she is off to Utah at the end of the month, my little brother left for Louisiana and we found a home for our family dog, Whiskey. Job hunting is getting harder and harder and while I know I can't give up, I just want to throw in the towel.

I am so grateful to have my friends and boyfriend to keep me afloat in these dark days, I know tomorrow will be better!

Thanks for listening!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I love Halloween!

So I really do love Halloween! It is by far my favorite holiday! Last year was my first real Halloween in my own house... so I decorated a little bit, but this year i was totally prepared! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Next year I will have even more stuff to decorate with! I love shopping after halloween, we got our spiderweb last year for 10 cents each at Walmart! Michaels always has some great deals too! Where are your favorite places to shop for halloween decorations?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Help Whiskey Find a Home

As you all know, I have had some crazy family stuff happen over the last few months. Because of this, we have to give up our super loving dog, Whiskey.

Whiskey is a 4yr old husky/golden retriever mix, he is neutered, I believe he is micro-chipped (we got him from the shelter) and he is great with other animals and children. He is house trained and good both indoors and out, he loves to just be around you, he likes to go on walks and would probably do well on runs too. He minds well and knows basic commands.

He comes with his dog house, food and water bowls, any dog food we still have, his collar, leash, choke collar for walking and his dog toys.

He really is the absolute sweetest dog I have ever met, he loves to have an owner and appreciates being taken care of.   See Pictures of Whiskey Here

I look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Pixel... The Cat that Adopted Us!

I have been oh so lonely here at the house in the daytime and David and I had been looking into getting a cat, but weren't really sure if we wanted one. We discussed it multiple times and decided that maybe it wasn't the right time for a kitty, since we couldn't even make time to get to the shelter together, how were we going to make time for the kitty itself (and everything else involved with a new kitty). Literally a few days after we decided we weren't going to get a cat, this adorable little kitty started hanging around our apartment complex. She slept under the cars, loved the attention from all the tenants and hung out by our front door often. So.... we started feeding her just a little bit.

Well, you know what happens when you feed a cat... she won't leave! She started hanging out with me in the day, coming and going as she pleased. Sleeping on the couch... running around the house etc. We absolutely LOVED her, but she wasn't really "ours".  I called the shelter to report her found and posted multiple ads on craigslist, this adorable little cat HAD to be someones, maybe she just wandered a little to far from home, and we inadvertently kidnapped her. The shelter told us that if no one claimed her after 30 days, she would be considered "our" cat. So we waited and waiting, we didn't want to name her or get to close, what if someone claimed her, what if she was sick... what if she was pregnant?

Well 30 days lapsed and still no sign of an owner, how could someone have given this sweet baby up? So here comes the decision, do we keep her, or take her to the shelter or call the feline network to see if they can place her? We just couldn't bring ourselves to take her anywhere but into our home. So we named her... after going through tons of names (Lola, Mila, Ms. Kitty Fantastico, Princess Peach, etc) we named her... Pixel (which everyone seems to LOVE, you can call her pixie for short if you want).

Our next step was too the vet...

Her first visit to the vet was last week, she was given her first LVRC vaccine, tested for leukemia, they checked to see if she was spayed and gave us a de-worming pill. When we got home she was very lethargic, would barely eat and slept all day (this is normal after a vaccine). The next day she was back to her normal self, so we chopped up her de-worming pill, put it in some tuna and gave it to her... but she wouldn't eat it! So we had to chop up the tuna and then mix it in wet cat food and feed that to her and she finally ate it!

We went and bought her a collar (since we had shelled out over $100 at the vet) with her name (Pixel) and our phone number, we got her food bowls, a litter box and some toys.

By Monday, she was back to her adorable sassy little self. I set up an appointment to have her spayed on October 11th, and have appointments throughout the next few weeks for her booster LVRC vaccine, Rabies Vaccine and Leukemia vaccine, I also have an appointment at PetSmart for a grooming session with a flea/tick shampoo and then a flea/tick spot treatment. I really think she is loving her new home with us, just as much as we love her! She has already started bring us "gifts" including a huge dragon fly, a lizard almost the length of her and today she brought me a grasshopper.

About 2 nights ago, I got a very random text message from a number a didn't recognize... here is the conversation:

Random #: Yr new kitty has a name. Kitty Thief!

Random #: I see you took it to the vet I hope you did'ent spend to much money on her.

Me: Who is this?

Random #: One of the owners of mesha

Me: Well she started coming to our house, she was malnourished and thin. She had fleas and worms... I posted her on craigslist as FOUND for weeks, looked on craigslist for lost ads, called the shelter to make a report and see if anyone reported her missing. She had no tags, no microchip... I did what I could to find her owner. After a month... we took her in.

Random #: Her name is mesha. U can worm her as much as you want as long as she has fleas she can get worms back with in 2 weeks. Fleas r hard to get rid of right now just to let u know.

Me: We have no problem dealing with this like adults, without the random threatening texts. If you would like to talk about it, please call me.

Random #: If you like her u can have her but she does just walk into random places so keep a close eye on her.

So it sounds like her original owners live nearby, maybe even in our apartment complex. But my feeling is, if they really wanted her, they would have taken more care of her and noticed when she was gone for weeks at a time. I just pray that she doesn't get kitty napped... we love her so much and would be very upset if she went missing.

That is all for now, I am sure there will be more to come about Pixel's adventures.

For More Pictures, Take A Look At Her Facebook Album!